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Digital Fabrication is a powerful teaching toolset.

"The child programs the computer and, in doing so, both acquires a sense of mastery over a piece of the most modern and powerful technology and establishes an intimate contact with some of the deepest ideas from science, from mathematics, and from the art of intellectual model building.”"

-Seymour Papert


Formal education is still lagging behind comprehensive adoption of digital maker technologies in support of authentic student learning.  EduFAB supports educators, schools, and districts in digital makerspace integration with networking, resources, evaluation and research in fab lab learning. 


EduFAB hosted the inaugural international Fab Educators Summit on January 28, 2022. With over 100 educators from 12 different countries, eduFAB also welcomed presenters from across the globe and hosted thought-provoking unconference sessions. Our next summit will be in July 2022. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date.

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