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Sarah Prendergast Wallace

Senior Contributor
Cleveland, OH

about Sarah

Sarah is currently running the Fab Lab Programs for Cleveland Metropolitan School District, including the CLE Mobile Fab Lab, STEAM Teacher Fellowship Program and The Cleveland Cavaliers and Goodyear Digital Fabrication + STEM Lab, a professional development space for educators. Formerly a math teacher in NYC, Sarah was a leader in the Mastery Education movement in the city and worked with MfA, The Digital Teaching Core, The Mastery Collaborative and the STEM TeachersNYC to provide PD for educators. After completing the NYU ITP Summer Educator program, her focus shifted to Maker Education and she began teaching Maker Ed classes. After returning to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to work in Fab Labs she grew the MFL program into a STEAM fellowship program and has worked with sponsors to build a Professional Development lab and is in the process of designing seven STEM labs for CMSD schools and training over 100 teachers on 3D modeling and printing. She also is an education consultant working with The Fab Foundation, The Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES), and other organizations, providing educators with professional development around Mobile Fab Labs in formal education, how to create Fab projects focused on SEL or standards based learning and how to integrate 3D printing into K-12 classes. 

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