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SESSION A Speakers 1:15pm EST
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Maker Classroom aims to provide Egyptian youth with 21st century skills and enhance the learning of STEAM concepts, by democratizing the access of schools to tools and knowledge with the support of Orange Foundation. In this lighting talk, we are going to present the experience of establishing a Makerspace at Egyptian governmental schools within a low budget. The talk will explore the challenges of the program, teacher and student support, and adopting design thinking in the school makerspaces.

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When we started our Fab Lab eight years ago, we identified many skills we wanted our students to develop, but we were less sure how to deliver the curriculum. Making time and space for a variety of projects is a challenge that gets complicated by school goals to introduce students early to meaningful projects and to give students the creative freedom to work on individual projects. In this talk, I will be sharing strategies we have used to incorporate Fab Lab curriculum and promote design thinking methods into our school wide curriculum. I will be sharing some of the introductory activities, skill building workshops, and courses we use to deliver our Fab Lab curriculum.

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