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SESSION C Speakers 2:10pm EST
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If you are new to Fab Lab, or an experienced fabricator, you may have experienced some level of anxiety as you wonder if you can learn and master the fabrication skills needed to produce your project. This feeling of anxiety is something students can face every day in the classroom. Through the IU1 digital fabrication labs the practice of social emotional learning (SEL) skills allows students to challenge themselves and achieve their goals. Join our session to see how IU1 implements SEL in a Fab Lab classroom.

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Coding and robotics are the main areas for fostering computational thinking (CT) skills in education. However, CT is as wider concept, enabling other approaches. Our on the field experience with 3D modelling and printing has shown us that we can also develop CT skills in our students using these technologies. The creative and technical process of creating in 3D are connected to the main principles ot CT; also, using these tools, students can develop these skills in contexts linked to the arts. This talk shares our experience on using 3D modelling and printing connected to CT, within portuguese formal education, in primary ICT class. 

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