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SESSION D Speakers 2:10pm EST
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FLEA Market is a Fab Lab program with the intent to introduce middle school students to business entrepreneurship for creative makers who use laser cutting, vinyl cutting, and 3D printing. We have had much success in encouraging and inspiring students, in our pilot run, to pursue a career as small business owners with the majority of our students electing to return for another round of this program in the spring. We would like to discuss how this program went from its initial proposal to its current iteration and how this can be implemented by other labs for their communities. 

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People with disabilities lack access to quality adaptive devices worldwide. More than 1 billion people require assistive technology, but only 1 in 10 have access to it. To help solve this challenge, makers work with disbled person to create concepts, working models, prototypes, and products. Educators will learn how TOM's human-centred experience impacts students' perceptions of disability and encourages them to think more inclusively about others in this session. Come learn about TOM and the Join TOM 2023 Global Innovation Challenge in our session

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