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Digital makerspaces have the power to support culturally relevant, student-centered teaching and learning. Let's work together to unlock the potential of this toolset in classrooms across the globe. 

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What is eduFAB?

eduFAB believes that digital makerspaces have the potential to catalyze authentic learning for students in grades K-12. We work with schools, districts, and organizational systems to strategically implement these spaces and tools for learning in local contexts. We meet schools where they are and co-design solutions for deeper learning through technology. We have worked with organizations all over the world to offer digital makerspace consulting and strategic planning. Additionally, eduFAB presents at conferences, symposiums, workshops, and convenes the International Fab Educators Summit each January.

Recent Work

Decorated wood panels that spell STEAM
Pressley Ridge Teacher Training

Helped staff reactivate their STEAM room post-COVID with technology training and lesson plan development for special student populations.

A group of teachers from Cairo, Egypt pose for a photo
International Fab Lab Management

Developed a virtual Professional Learning Community for 19 school-based Fab Lab Managers and led pedagogy and classroom practices trainings in person.

A diagram for brainstorming teaching methods at a STEM public school classroom.
Methacton School District Consultation

Strategic makerspace planning using human-centered design workshops, stakeholder inter-views, and mission development with school leadership team.

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