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Our Work

eduFAB is positioned to support schools, districts, and out of school-time programs to fully integrate digital makerspaces into their curriculum, school, and culture. We can build an individualized package to include thought leadership and partnering, strategic consultation and planning, technology recommendations and materials curation, teacher training and leadership, and also program evaluation and assessment. Read more about our services here and contact us for more information.


Thought Partners

In service of student-serving projects and programs, eduFAB stays informed with the latest academic research and literature surrounding digital makerspace integration in formal education. Together, we can develop frameworks that reflect current empirical research and educational trends while centering students and supporting your school's approach to teaching and learning.

Teacher Training

Digital makerspaces have the potential to transform student learning, but teacher training lags behind schools' efforts to purchase and install equipment. Teachers need support in technical, pedagogical, and content knowledge areas to authentically integrate these tools for learning. We can design a comprehensive training and support plan to bridge this divide.

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Technology Curation

There is no one-size fits all inventory list for educational makerspaces. Each school, program, and student centered approach needs specific support from different technologies, kits, and curriculums. Taking an assets-driven approach combined with years of technology experience, eduFAB consultants can help curate the technology, materials, and tools that will benefit your unique students in your unique program. 

Strategic Consultation

Districts who are looking to develop a robust STEM, STEAM, or makerspace curriculum can partner with eduFAB for research, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Through stakeholder assessment with a human centered design approach, we can work together with staff, administration, students, community members, and others to develop a mission-vision and action steps for measurable success.

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Assessments & Evaluation

In what ways does digital making support student learning in your school? How are students learning differently with technologies in the makerspace? What improvements can be made to support this type of learning? eduFAB can design and evaluation questions for you and your program.

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