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"Making Success in the Classroom"

27 January 12:00-16:00 Eastern Time


Our January Educators Summit was a success with over 130 attendees from 13+ countries! Thanks for sharing your stories and challenges with the network. Please join the Fab Educators Network in person June 5-6 in Chattanooga, TN.

Friday, January 27, 2023
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12:00pm EST

  • Liz Whitewolf, Founding Director, eduFAB

Keynote Address

  • Michael Stone, VP of Innovative Learning, Public Education Foundation "Empowering Students through Digital Fabrication"

1:15pm EST
Hands on workshops

Lightning Talks Session A

  • Maker Classroom: Establishing Makerspaces in Public Schools in Egypt

    • Lamiaa Nail & Ahmed Ibrahim, Fab Lab Egypt, Cairo, Egypt

  • Basics to Capstones: The Excitement & Struggles of a Fab Lab Curriculum

    • Dennis Conner, The Gregory School, Tucson, AZ, US

Lightning Talks Session B

  • Make Your City/Make Your Home/Make Your Own

    • Leyla Yunis, Maker Institute, Prague, CZ

  • School-based Makerspaces for Authentic Student Learning

    • Liz Whitewolf, eduFAB, Pittsburgh, PA, US


2:10pm EST
Hands on workshops

Lightning Talks Session C

  • Social Emotional Learning in the Fab Lab Classroom

    • Sarah Durzo & Michelle Voithofer, IU1, Washington, PA, US

  • Computational Thinking in 3D Modeling and Printing

    • Artur Manuel Rodrigues Coelho, Agrupamento de Escolas Venda do Pinheiro, Portugal

Lightning Talks Session D

  • FLEA Market (Fab Lab Entrepreneurs & Artisans Market)

    • Abigail McCune & Steve Luciano, Fab Lab Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA, US

  • Makers Meet Disabilities

    • Alexander Geht, Tikkun Olam Makers, Pittsburgh, PA


3:00pm EST
Unconference Sessions

Bring your ideas to brainstorm discussion topics and then join others interested in the same topic for deeper exploration.

3:45pm EST

Closing Remarks

  • Liz Whitewolf, eduFAB

1:15 workshops

Inaugural Fab Educators Summit 

The Inaugural fab Educators Summit was held in January of 2022, followed by one in July 2022. To continue with bi-annual summits, we are meeting again in January of 2023. For recordings of January and July summit sessions, visit eduFAB on YouTube.


Thank you to the following organizations who are supporting this work.

Thank you to our Conference Supporters
for permitting attendees to register for free

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Conference Partners

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If you are interested in supporting the summit, please contact eduFAB and Thank You!

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